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K-12 Tutoring

No matter if your child is in elementary school, junior high, or high school in Sherman Oaks, Grade Potential offers the academic resources that result in accomplishment.

College Tutoring

Grade Potential provides great college tutors for all majors and subject areas. Whether you are intrigued by support with one class or multiple classes, we link you with the best college educators around!

Sherman Oaks college tutoring
Sherman Oaks test prep tutoring

Test Prep Tutoring

Understanding how to take standardized tests well is a procured ability for multiple students–and that’s the reason Grade Potential supplies test prep tutoring catered to you. We understand how essential it is to start standardized tests feeling certain and able to perform when it matters.

Do you offer private tutoring services for my individual needs?
We have accomplished and amiable educators for all subject matter and grade levels excited to provide anything your child needs. We also tutor college courses and test prep. Our team of tutors is made up of accomplished professionals who are motivated, experienced at what they do and eager to teach. We consistently work only with tutors who have the proper subject matter expertise but also who are talented at communicating.
What subject matter and grades do you teach?
Whether it’s for K-12 math or college-level economics, each home tutoring provider offers individualized tutoring designed to guide students towards their objectives. Our tutors cover all the subjects with our tutoring sessions, and tutor K-12 grades through grad school. We respect that you simply want your child (or yourself) to accomplish all their objectives without having to overcome so many obstacles to get there. This is why we deliver personalized face-to-face or online tutoring options for all grade levels, learning styles, subject areas and for standardized test prep from the comfort of your home.
Are you located at a center?
We understand that facilitating family logistics can be an obstacle! For that reason, as opposed to you traveling to a tutoring center, our educators meet you at your preferred destination (or online) and work around your schedule. You won’t have to lose time fighting traffic. We are able to come to your home after school or any other time 7 days a week.
What standardized tests do you offer tutoring for?
Tests are a big piece of the education journey. We endeavor to give your student the positive attitude they need to power through on test day. It’s also the reason why Grade Potential supplies test preparation tutors who are particularly suited to that student’s objectives We provide test prep tutoring for SAT, ASVAB, GMAT, MCAT, CSET, PSAT, SSAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, CBEST, TEAS, STAR, ISEE and many other assessments! The individualized attention provided by Grade Potential educators makes a huge impact in building the best test-taking skills.

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